Best Trading Apps That Accept PayPal

Show More PayPal is quickly becoming the most popular payment method for anything, and this doesn’t change when it comes to trading. In fact, PayPal is even more important in the trading industry as most of the time, traders make large deposits, therefore, it is crucial that you know your money is safe and PayPal is the answer to this.
In this guide, I’ll be showing you what the best trading apps that accept PayPal as well as providing you with some more detailed information about using PayPal to trade with.
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I’m now going to give you a little more detail on each of these PayPal trading apps so that you can make an informed decision about which is best for you.

1. eToro

Available: Worldwide
Devices: IOS & Android
Markets: Forex, CFDs, Crypto, Commodities, Shares
PayPal Accepted: Yes (Deposits & Withdrawals)

If you’re looking for a solid trading app which you can use with PayPal, then look no further than eToro, it’s one of the world’s most popular apps which lets you trade a wide range of different markets as well as talk and copy other traders with their CopyTrading feature.

2. Plus500

Available: Worldwide
Devices: IOS & Android
Markets: Forex, CFDs, Crypto, Commodities, Shares
PayPal Accepted: Yes (Deposits & Withdrawals)

Coming in at #2 is Plus500. This is one of the oldest, most well-trusted apps on this list which has been accepting PayPal for years now. Plus500 lets you trade several different markets all from one simple app, and they even offer a free demo account which you can use to test out your skills before depositing real cash.


Available: Worldwide
Devices: IOS & Android
Markets: CFDs, Metals, Currencies
PayPal Accepted: Yes (Deposits & Withdrawals) is a leading online CFD trading platform which has a mobile app available for IOS & Android. You can download the app, register, deposit with PayPal and start trading on the same day. What I love about is that it is reliable and extremely fast at executing orders. This is one of my favourite global trading apps by a long shot.

4. IG Markets

Available: Worldwide
Devices: IOS & Android
Markets: CFDs, Spread Betting
PayPal Accepted: Yes (Deposits & Withdrawals) is renowned as one of the main spread-betting platforms, it’s been around for several years and like the other apps on this list, is regulated and safe. They also provide CFD trading services too. After you register for an account, you can sign in on the mobile app and use PayPal to deposit/withdraw.

5. Webull

Available: US
Devices: IOS & Android
Markets: Stocks
PayPal Accepted: Yes (Deposits & Withdrawals)

Webull is one of the big-name stock trading apps in the US. You’ll be pleased to know that Webull accepts PayPal. It’s regulated, easy to use and a brilliant option in my opinion for US traders looking to trade stocks. IF you’re interested in registering on Webull, make sure you use the button below and you’ll get 2 free stocks on us up to $1,400.

Now that you have a good overview of PayPal trading apps, let’s dive into some more details about using PayPal for Forex, Stock & CFD trading.

Why use PayPal for Trading?

Using PayPal to trade comes with several benefits and limited downsides in my personal opinion.

  • It’s safer – Safety is at the core of PayPal, it puts the buyer first and protects you from scams.
  • Peace of mind – PayPal verifies each and every service who uses it for payments, therefore you know that the app you are using to trade is legit.
  • It’s quicker – There’s nothing worse than waiting several days for a bank transfer to go through – especially in the age of ‘in-demand‘. By using PayPal to trade, you can usually make instant deposits/withdrawals which means you have more time to focus on what really matters – the trading.
  • It’s just easier, period – It’s 10 times easier to enter your PayPal email address than it is to enter those lengthy account numbers and bank details, let’s face it, PayPal is one of the best ways to trade.

How to open a PayPal account

Before you can use PayPal on any of the trading apps listed above, you’ll need a personal PayPal account. The good news is that as a popular service, this is super simple and quick.

To open a PayPal account, head over to and proceed with the registration steps.

Trading with PayPal: Step-by-Step Instructions

So, you’ve got a PayPal account, and you want to get started trading. Below you will find the step-by-step instructions on how to trade on an app with PayPal.

  1. Open an account with a PayPal-friendly app (Our recommendation is eToro)
  2. Go to the deposit page of the app you choose
  3. Select PayPal from the payment method list
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit
  5. Make the deposit
  6. Start trading
  7. Once you are done, just make a withdrawal to your PayPal account – it’s really that easy