The ultimate list of the best free bonuses on trading apps.

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Who doesn’t love a great bonus? We do. We’ve complied the best trading apps with free bonuses so that you can start your trading off with a bang.

Let’s have a look at the best free bonus trading apps.

1. Robinhood

Best for: US Citizens

Free Download

Robinhood App

Robinhood is a commission free trading app based in the US. It is well known for it’s free stock bonus (value up to $500). This app is ideal for those looking for a free trading bonus in the US. It’s fully regulated and trusted by millions of traders.

You don’t have to deposit and you can withdraw the bonus to your bank account.

2. Moomoo

Best for: Advanced Traders

Free Download

Moomoo App

Moomoo offers a great free bonus offer for new registrations. You can grab a free stock valued up to $200 without having to deposit a dime. To get the bonus, all you have to do is use an invite link like this one, register a brokerage account and you’ll get your bonus.

There is no deposit required and you can withdraw the bonus to your bank.

3. Coinbase

Best for: Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Free Download

Coinbase App

Free Bitcoin? Why not! Coinbase offers a $10 free Bitcoin bonus offer to new registrations who use an invite link to sign up. The bonus is deposited into your Coinbase account.

You have to trade at least $100 of cryptocurrency to get the $10 bonus. After you get the bonus, you can trade it or withdraw it to your bank account or PayPal.

Learn more about the Coinbase free Bitcoin offer

4. Trading 212

Best for: New Traders

Free Download

Trading 212 App

Trading 212 are giving away a free share valued up to $100/£100/€100 (depending on your location) to new users who sign up with a valid referral link. This free bonus offer is great for those who are new to trading and is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

You don’t have to deposit to get the free share and you can withdraw it straight to your bank.

5. Webull

Best for: Stock Traders

Free Download

Webull App

Webull is a popular alternative commission trading app. Similarly to Robinhood, they are offering a free stock when you deposit a minimum of $100 onto your broker account. The difference between this bonus is the value – it’s up to a huge $1,000. Will you be lucky? Find our by grabbing your free share today.

You can sell the free stock and withdraw it directly to your bank account.


There are a ton of awesome free bonuses on trading apps, it’s hard to choose the best ones, but these are our personal favourites.

There’s no limit to the amount of bonuses you can get, so why not try them all?

Here’s our final roundup of the best free bonus trading apps.

  1. Robinhood: Best for US Citizens
  2. Moomoo: Best for Advanced Traders
  3. Coinbase: Best for Cryptocurrency Traders
  4. Trading 212: Best for New Traders
  5. Webull: Best for Stock Traders

Have you seen any other awesome free trading bonuses? Let us know in the comments!

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