DueDEX Review: Can it be trusted?

WARNING: DueDEX is an untrustworthy Bitcoin exchange. If you’re looking for a trusted one, check out Bybit by using this link ($90 BTC Bonus).

General Information
Website URLduedex.com
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese
Trading PlatformsWeb App
Minimum Deposit0.00000001 BTC
Maximum Leverage100x
Demo AccountNo
Pros & Cons
  • N/A
  • Direct copying from competitors
  • Lack of company information
  • Severely unprofessional


DueDEX is a fairly new Bitcoin margin exchange. It has been heavily promoted by several influencers within the cryptocurrency industry although remains heavily untrustworthy for a multitude of reasons. As a result, I warn you to stay away from this exchange as you are at risk of losing funds.

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What’s wrong with DueDEX?

As I have mentioned previously, there are a few red flags with the DueDEX exchange which make it highly likely to commit bad practice. Here are a few of the most important red flags.

Shady marketing tactics

There are a number of resources mentioning the messages people on Twitter received from DueDEX offering large sums of money to promote the exchange – what’s weird about this is that the language used in some of the messages is completely unprofessional (words like ‘mate’ have popped up a lot).

Direct copying from Competitors

It became apparent that DueDEX had copied information directly from other sites without even proofreading – it makes you wonder how much you can trust an exchange that acts like this – it makes you think what their security is like right?

Source: Twitter

No company details or address

There are no easily-available company details for DueDEX or even an office address – so where do you go if they go offline?

They have a company LinkedIn page which is pretty bare.

No faces

The CEO ‘Bo Wang’ doesn’t even have a real profile picture – it’s a cartoon. This makes you wonder who is really behind this exchange.

Final word

I may be a bit harsh with this review, but they are some serious red flags which need addressing in order for me to trust DueDEX. It’s not worth using the exchange right now when there are plenty of other trusted ones out there right now.

Have you used DueDEX? What’s your opinion on this exchange?