Penny Stock Calculator

What is the Penny Stock Calculator?

The Penny Stock Calculator is a simple calculator to work out the profit/loss on your penny stock trades.

What are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks, sometimes referred to as small cap stocks, are shares of small public companies which trade for very low prices toward the beginning of their inception. They usually carry higher risks than regular stocks but on the flip side, have higher profit potential.

How to use the Penny Stock Calculator?

Step 1: Enter the amount of penny shares

Step 2: Enter the buy price in USD

Step 3: Enter the sell price in USD

Step 4: The calculator will provide you with the total profit/loss on your penny stock trade

Penny Stock Calculator Terms

Number of Shares Purchased: the total amount of penny stock shares you have/will purchase(d)

Buy Price: the $ price per share which you buy the penny stock at

Sell Price: The $ price per share which you sell the penny stock at

Profit/Loss: the total profit/loss in (USD) on the penny stock trade

How does the Penny Stock Calculator work?

The Penny Stock Calculator works in a very simple way.

Profit/Loss = (Sell Price x No. of Shares Purchased) - (No. of Shares Purchased x Buy Price)

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