Moomoo Free Stock Sign Up Bonus


Moomoo, a commission-free brokerage platform, offers an enticing incentive to new investors through its free stock sign-up bonus. This welcome promotion is designed to attract new users to their investment community, providing a valuable opportunity to initiate a portfolio with complimentary stock shares. The free stock bonus varies in value and is available to those who meet certain requirements during the account creation process.

Investors have increasingly turned to online trading apps like Moomoo for their user-friendly interfaces and cost-effective investment solutions. Alongside the benefit of commission-free trades, Moomoo’s sign-up bonus serves as a catalyst for new traders to jumpstart their investment journey with added resources. With promotional offers regularly updated, the free stock deal is a notable introduction to the array of tools and services offered by the brokerage.

Typically, the bonus eligibility involves steps such as opening a new account, meeting deposit thresholds, or participating in referral programs. These incentives are part of Moomoo’s commitment to making investment more accessible to the wider public, enhancing user experience, while also aiming to expand their customer base. Carefully crafted promotions like these reflect the competitive nature of the brokerage industry, where companies are continually seeking innovative ways to engage and retain investors.

Understanding Moomoo and the Sign Up Bonus

Moomoo offers a sign-up bonus as an incentive for new users, which includes the opportunity to receive free stock. This guide provides specifics on the trading platform and details the sign-up bonus.

What Is Moomoo?

Moomoo is an advanced trading platform designed to give users access to an array of investment tools. It caters to both new and experienced traders by providing a robust set of analysis tools, real-time market data, and a customizable interface.

Details of the Sign Up Bonus Offer

The sign up bonus with Moomoo is an attractive offer for potential users. After opening a brokerage account, new users have the chance to obtain free stock. Here’s how:

  • Open an Account: Receive free stocks just for opening a new Moomoo account.
  • Make a Deposit: Additional free stocks can be obtained by making qualifying deposits.

The welcome bonus can consist of up to 15 free stocks, each potentially worth up to $2,000. Moomoo’s promotions are subject to change, so checking their recent offer through the Moomoo Help Center or the Moomoo Promotions page is important for the latest details.

Eligibility and Claim Process

The eligibility criteria for Moomoo’s sign up bonus are specific and the claim process is straightforward, focusing on new Moomoo account holders and US residents. Below details the qualifications and steps necessary to take advantage of this promotional offer.

Who Is Eligible?

Those eligible to participate in the Moomoo free stock sign up bonus include:

  • New users: Individuals who have not previously opened a Moomoo Financial Inc. brokerage account.
  • US residents: The offer is exclusively available to US residents at this time.

Eligibility is contingent upon the use of a valid referral link and the fulfillment of any required account opening actions specified in the promotion’s terms.

How to Claim Your Free Stock

To claim the free stock(s) offered by Moomoo, new users must:

  1. Open an account: Register for a brokerage account using a referral link.
  2. Complete tasks: Certain tasks may need to be completed, which can range from a simple account setup to deposit requirements.

Once an account is opened and any necessary actions are completed, users can claim their free stock through the promotional campaign’s landing page or as directed by Moomoo’s reward instructions.

Maximizing Your Investment with Moomoo

Moomoo’s platform offers a comprehensive set of tools and resources designed to empower investors. By leveraging its features, users can effectively enhance their investment strategies.

Investment Products and Resources

Moomoo provides a wide array of investment products including US exchange-listed stocks, over-the-counter stocks (OTCs), ETFs, and options. For global investors, it offers international stocks, such as American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) and access to global markets. Investors can use Moomoo’s trading platform to manage a diverse portfolio from a single account, taking advantage of real-time market data and a suite of analytics tools.

The platform is complemented by educational resources and investment advice to assist both novice and experienced investors. Users can access a variety of training guides, webinars, and market analysis to sharpen their investment decisions. This synthesis of technology and knowledge is key to maximizing investment potential with Moomoo.

Understanding Fees and Commission

One of Moomoo’s notable features is its commission-free trading on US stocks, which enables investors to execute trades without incurring fees, ultimately improving investment returns. However, it’s important to understand the other fees that might apply. While the company pushes for low-cost investing, certain activities such as trading international stocks may involve fees that should be factored into the overall investment strategy.

To fully benefit from Moomoo’s offerings, investors are advised to review the complete fee schedule and understand how it applies to their trading activities. Attention to these details ensures that users are not caught off-guard by unexpected costs, allowing them to maximize their investments.

Comparing Moomoo with Other Platforms

Moomoo competes with other trading platforms by offering commission-free trades and a variety of investor tools. Below, the features of Moomoo are compared to those of Robinhood and WeBull, two prevalent investing apps in the market.

Moomoo vs. Robinhood

Moomoo and Robinhood both offer users commission-free trades, which is a significant draw for cost-conscious investors. However, Moomoo stands out with its pro-grade tools Moomoo review for 2024, catering to both mobile and desktop users, and provides access to in-depth research and data. Robinhood, on the other hand, is known for its user-friendly interface and is often preferred by those new to investing.

Available Assets:

  • Moomoo: Stocks, options, ETFs, and bonds
  • Robinhood: Stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies

Tools and Features:

  • Moomoo: Advanced charting, pre-market and after-hours trading, and a powerful alert system Moomoo Review 2024
  • Robinhood: Intuitive mobile app, cryptocurrency trading, and simple interface

Moomoo vs. WeBull

When comparing Moomoo to WeBull, both platforms offer extended trading hours and sophisticated charting options. Moomoo’s competitive edge includes its advanced research capabilities Moomoo Stock Investing App Review and a cash sweep program that benefits investors with idle cash. WeBull, while similar in its commission-free structure, often appeals to intermediate and advanced traders due to its comprehensive set of analytical tools.

Account Minimums and Bonuses:

  • Moomoo: No minimum deposit and offers up to $1,000 in stock for new accounts funded within 30 days Moomoo Promotions (2024)
  • WeBull: No minimum deposit required; usually provides free stocks for signing up and making an initial deposit


  • Moomoo: Available on both desktop and mobile with a focus on analytical tools
  • WeBull: Mobile-centric platform with a comprehensive and customizable interface

In comparing Moomoo with Robinhood and WeBull, each investing app presents its unique attributes. While Moomoo leads with professional-grade research and tools, Robinhood and WeBull also offer compelling features tailored to different segments of the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs provide direct insights into accessing and benefiting from Moomoo’s sign-up bonus offer.

How can I qualify for the sign-up bonus on Moomoo?

To qualify for the sign-up bonus on Moomoo, one must create a new account with the platform and meet specific conditions, such as a minimum deposit within a set period.

What are the steps to claim the free stock bonus after registering?

After registering, a user needs to claim their free stocks successfully, then Moomoo will credit the stocks to the user’s brokerage account within a specified timeframe, and the stocks can be traded upon arrival.

Are there any deposit requirements to receive the free stocks from Moomoo?

Yes, there are deposit requirements to receive the free stocks from Moomoo. For instance, users might need to maintain an average asset balance or complete a net deposit of a certain amount during the promotion period.

How does the Moomoo free stock sign-up bonus compare with other trading platforms?

Moomoo offers a competitive sign-up bonus compared with other trading platforms, where users have the opportunity to draw multiple free stocks with varying worth.

What type of stocks can be received as a part of the Moomoo sign-up bonus?

As a part of the Moomoo sign-up bonus, users have the chance to receive stocks that vary in value, which can potentially include stocks from various well-known companies.

Can existing Moomoo users also receive free stock bonuses, or is it limited to new sign-ups only?

The free stock bonuses are generally targeted towards new sign-ups, although Moomoo may occasionally provide bonus opportunities for existing users as part of different promotions or events.

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