BitMEX Register Guide & How to Get 10% OFF Trading Fees

Looking to sign up on BitMEX to trade some crypto with leverage? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this guide, I’ll be showing you how to register on BitMEX and hitting you up with a 6 month 10% fee discount, so stay alert!

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How to Register on BitMEX: Step-By-Step

Here are the exact steps you need to take to register on the BitMEX crypto trading platform.

1. Go to the BitMEX website

As expected, the first step to sign up is by visiting the website. Here’s the link you need to visit to make sure you get the 10% fee discount:

BitMEX Registration Page (With Fee Discount Applied)

2. Enter details

Now that you’re on the registration page, you have to enter your personal details for your account, here’s what you need to enter:

  • Email Address
  • A Password
  • Country of Residence
  • First & Last Names

Once you’ve entered that info, check the ‘I accept the Terms of Service and I Understand the Privacy Notice‘ box and then press the red ‘Register’ button.

3. Verify email

Now that you’ve signed up, you have to verify the email address which you used to sign up with, this is for security and to confirm you didn’t enter the wrong email.

BitMEX Email Verification Email

4. Login

You’re all done! Once you have verified your email, go back to the BitMEX Trading platform and sign in with the email and password you used to sign up.

Adding extra security to your BitMEX account (optional)

It’s especially important in the world of crypto to keep your account safe from hackers and many exchanges provide ways in which you can add extra layers of security to your account. The most common method is something called 2FA (2-Factor-Authentication). This essentially means that you will need a code from your phone each time you sign in, but it makes it extremely hard for people to gain access to your account and steal your funds.

2FA is completely optional on BitMEX’s trading platform, although I highly recommend setting it up after registering your account.

Which 2FA methods are there on BitMEX?

There are two types of extra 2FA (after email) available on BitMEX. The types of 2FA supported are:

How to add 2FA on BitMEX

To add 2-factor authentication on the BitMEX margin trading platform, login and go to your ‘Account’. From there, click ‘Security Centre’. At the top of the second section on this page, you’ll see a dropdown to enable 2FA, click this and then select which one you want to set up.

After you’ve selected the method, follow the instructions as prompted by BitMEX.

If you don’t have Google Authenticator (my favourite 2FA device), here are the free app downloads:

Google Auth (IOS) | Google Auth (Android)

What do you need to register?

Registering on BitMEX is super easy and doesn’t require much on sign up. The requirements to open a BitMEX account are access to the internet and a valid email.

Do I need to verify my identity?

No, BitMEX doesn’t require any kind of KYC checks to register or trade on the exchange. This is the beauty of many crypto exchanges, it means that you can get set up quickly. This will appeal to all those out there who wish to stay anonymous, although it doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay tax! You always have to declare your trading gains/losses in your tax return in most jurisdictions.

BitMEX Sign Up Bonus

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this article, the main sign up bonus you can get on BitMEX is the 10% fee discount which lasts 6 months from the day you setup your account. There are no other welcome bonuses available on BitMEX at this time.

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